When it comes to your home comfort, utility costs typically don’t always come to mind. You may be surprised by the increase in costs due to the increased usage. But there are some ways to reduce the costs. Check out our helpful tips to save money and keep cool this summer.

1. Change Your Filters

Changing your filters can be an easy maintenance step for your system. You may need to change your filters more often in the summer as the filter works harder to filter out pollen and debris that is recycled into the home. On average homeowners can save approximately up to 15% on their cooling costs by changing out dirty filters more frequently in the summer.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

You could be running up your cooling costs by keeping your home at comfortable temperatures when you’re not at home. Most homeowners don’t think about changing the temperature of the home before they leave or at night time when temperatures aren’t typically as high. However, this is where a programmable thermostat comes in handy. Programmable thermostats come with a variety of features ranging from smart features that will change the temperature according to the temperature outside or indoor humidity and even remind the homeowner when it’s time to change the filter. These features are extremely valuable when it comes to cost-saving techniques.

3. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Although it may be easy to forget, maintenance of your HVAC system is crucial. Without routine maintenance, the system will eventually wear out quickly. Routine maintenance can also help diagnose issues before they become more problematic. Scheduling maintenance in early spring can help prevent breakdowns in the summer.

4. Replace Old and Outdated Air Conditioners

This can be one of the most important ways to save on utility costs. A worn down and outdated system works harder to cool your home, thus resulting in more wear and tear and higher utility costs overall.

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