Premier Heating and Air was evaluated by Xcel Energy and achieved a 100% pass rate on all of the AC/ASHP systems that were randomly selected by Xcel Energy for inspection. This is important because improper installations can cost customers 27% of their efficiency through loss of energy with improper equipment sizing, air flow, refrigerant charge, and duct sealing. We ensure the highest level of installation standards will be achieved on your new system. See how you can cash in on hundreds of dollars of Xcel rebates savings by having our highly skilled NATE-certified pros install your new system.

  • $300 for High Efficiency Furnace
  • $500 for High Efficiency AC
  • $9,000 on Heat Pumps

How To Get Your Rebate
  • Purchase a qualifying system from Premier Heating and Air
  • Have Premier Heating and Air install your new system
  • We send a completed rebate application to Xcel for you.


Furnace Rebates

Did you know that according to Energy.Gov, heating, and cooling account for almost 50% of the energy use in a typical home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes? By upgrading to a 95% efficient furnace, you can save energy and money. Bring down the cost of your heating bill with these rebates.

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