You’ve been thinking about getting air conditioning installed in your house for a while now. Each summer July and August come around and you find yourself regretting not having that switch on your thermostat to simply cool your home down. Even better, you already have a forced air heat system with ductwork throughout your house. So, what are you waiting for?

Not only will you love having a new or upgraded A/C unit, but you can also enjoy money-back in rebates with Xcel Energy throughout the Denver area. Many energy and utility providers will help subsidize the addition of energy efficiency to your home through rebate offers like this one. The rebates allow you to install a unit for the first time or upgrade your unit under energy efficient standards through an Xcel registered contractor, which Premier Heating and Air is, and receive up to $1150 back for doing this!

Xcel energy looks at energy efficient ratings on systems called SEER and EER. Your contractor can help you understand these and what unit will be best for you. However, SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio which indicates how much cooling per unit of energy is used. The higher the rating, the more efficient. EER works the same way, simply using different measurement values. A new air conditioning unit coupled with proper insulation and energy-efficient windows will be effective and affordable. Not only will your house stay cool but you’ll have an affordable utility bill with your new air conditioning unit.

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