It’s here. The time for warm weather and cool indoors has arrived. As we sit and revel in the beauty that is an air-conditioned building on a hot day, we find it important to pay thanks to the great man that graced this planet with the invention that is air conditioning. That man is Willis Carrier.

Willis Carrier was an inventor from New York. He attended Cornell University, receiving his degree in engineering in 1901. In that same year, he began working for the Buffalo Forge Company. One year later in the year 1902, he invented the air conditioning system. The realization that you could control indoor air temperatures came to him while standing amidst a train station on a foggy day. It was here that he noticed he could dry the air, by passing it through water, thus creating fog. It was this realization that led him to believe that air could be manufactured with moisture in it. With his invention to control humidity, he was able to finish his invention.

Some consider air conditioning to be a first-world luxury, however, it is with the air conditioner that other industries were able to flourish. For example, air conditioning led to what we know as “summer blockbusters.” This is because as air conditioning was installed in buildings and theatres, people would flock to the movies to see a film, and escape the heat.

Just think, where would we be without the invention of air conditioning? Without it, we would be stuck with buildings that aren’t capable of being temperature controlled. We would all have many sleepless nights throughout the summer. We would also have to suffer through a packed building with body heat, and high temperatures, with no chance of cool air in sight.

As we pay thanks to the man that invented air conditioning, consider the leaps and bounds that many industries have made in thanks to this great invention. Also, consider the amount of comfort it brings you to have air conditioning in your home, so you can rest easy, and relax. With that being said it’s important that you are taking proper care of you air conditioner. While it is a great invention, it doesn’t take care of itself. Make sure that you’re working with an HVAC company, to handle all repairs, maintenance, and check-ups on your air conditioner. For your air conditioning repair and maintenance in Denver, feel free to contact the professionals at Premier Heating and Air.

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