Welcome back to our series, where we are addressing common issues, and questions that people have regarding their air conditioning units. When a problem arises, it can be difficult to troubleshoot the issue, so we’re here to do it for you.

So what’s wrong with your AC unit?

A common issue that people face with air conditioning, is that it begins leaking when in use. Why is this?

There are multiple causes for air conditioning failure. The first is that the evaporator coil tends to collect moisture, this is the function it’s supposed to serve. As the cold air travels over the coil, it cools that air as it passes over. From there it goes into a drip pan down a drain line. If this drain line is clogged it can cause problems. This tends to be the most common cause of leakage, and it’s important that you contact air conditioning repair near you for assistance.

Another issue your AC unit might be facing is that it’s old. With time, metal and water, rust can begin to take over, causing a hole to form in the middle of the drip pan. This allows water to pass right through, causing a leak in your ac unit. It’s either time to replace the pan, or an entire HVAC replacement might be necessary as well.

If you notice your air conditioning is leaking, it’s generally your best bet to leave it to the professionals to repair the system. DIY fixes can end up causing more damage, which means higher costs for repair. If you’re experiencing leaking issues, contact your local air conditioning service in Denver to fix the problem today.

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