It’s the worst nightmare of every Denver homeowner: you come home from work or a weekend getaway to the ski slopes in Summit County, and instead of walking into a warm house, you’re surprised that you can see your breath in your living room.

In a panic, you rush to the thermostat and find it’s set at 68 degrees, just as you left it. Upon listening carefully for a moment, you realize that your HVAC system isn’t humming away as it should be, however.

The very first thing to do if your heat malfunctions in the dead of winter is call Premier Heating and Air. Denver homeowners know us as emergency heating system repair specialists, and we promise to make your issue our top priority. We know that it’s difficult to feel comfortable–or even function!–in a home that’s freezing cold, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our HVAC repair services.

Once you’ve placed that phone call to our emergency HVAC technicians, it’s time to figure out what to do while you’re waiting. Here are our best tips for staying safe and warm in your home, even when the heating system is malfunctioning.

How To Stay Warm While You’re Waiting For HVAC Repair Services

  1. Gather ‘Round The Fireplace – If you’re lucky enough to have a gas or wood-burning fireplace in your Denver home, now’s the time to fire it up. While it probably won’t be enough to heat your entire home while you’re waiting for HVAC repair service, it will probably heat up the immediate area and provide you with a warm place to congregate.
  2. Open The Curtains – Light is heat! If the sun is shining outside, opening the blinds and curtains is a great way to utilize some of that free heat being provided by the sun. When the light comes through your window, it will be trapped inside, increasing the ambient temperature. It may be slight, but when you’re sitting around waiting for HVAC service, you’ll take anything you can get, right?
  3. Close Some Doors – If you’re working with limited heat provided by a fireplace or space heater, it’s important to focus it on one area of the home. Close doors to the basement, unused bedrooms, and your bathroom. This is also a good tip to employ if your HVAC system is still working, but not at full capacity.
  4. Do Some Baking – If you’ve got the time, you might want to take this opportunity to fire up the oven and do a little seasonal baking! Your oven gives off ambient heat and using it will bestow some of this warmth throughout the entire house. We don’t recommend turning on the oven and opening the door (a tactic you might have seen employed in your childhood) as this is a fire and burn hazard. We want you to be warm, but also safe!

Remember, once you call Premier Heating and Air in Denver, you’ll be at the top of our list for emergency HVAC service. We’ll do our best to get a technician out to your house as quickly as possible so that your HVAC system can be restored to full working order.

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