It’s Spring in Colorado, which means the days are quickly getting warmer. Spring weather doesn’t usually last too long; pretty soon we’ll be in the full-blown scorching days of summer. If you are like most homes in the Colorado area, as the days get hotter the higher you crank up your air conditioning. It’s all good until that first spring and summer energy bill arrives at your doorstep, though. The skyrocketing energy prices will have you running to turn down the air conditioning and trying other methods to cool your home.

According to, “air conditioners use about 5% of all the electricity produced in the United States, at an annual cost of more than $11 billion to homeowners.” That’s a lot of money. Energy bill panic doesn’t have to be a necessity, though. There are ways that you can enjoy your air conditioning without draining your bank account, and Premier Heating and Air will show you how to do it. Here are some things that you can do to help your air conditioner effectively cool your home without using any more energy than is absolutely necessary:

  • Change your filters regularly. If you are a smoker or have pets, you’ll want to change those filters even more often. The filter of the air conditioner plays an important role in cleaning the air as it moves through your air conditioning system. If that filter becomes clogged, though (as it will over time), it can make the system less efficient as it uses more energy to suck in the air.
  • Clean your coils. The coils of the air conditioner cool the air before it is pumped into your home. These coils collect dirt and dust over time, even with a high-quality filter in place. The dirtier the coil, the harder your air conditioner is working and the more energy it is using to cool your home. You’ll want to clean your coil at least once a year to ensure maximum airflow.
  • Check your drain channels. Air conditioners need to drain the excess moisture that they collect while cooling the air. Not only will this cause your air conditioning unit to use more energy, it prevents the system from draining moisture. That can lead to a mold or mildew issue in your home.

Proper maintenance is really the #1 thing that you can do to ensure that your energy bill isn’t adversely affected by switching on your air conditioner. The Premier air conditioning team can come to your location and perform all the necessary maintenance for you. We’ll check your system out, correcting any issues that we may see before they become bigger, more expensive problems in the future. Doing this at the beginning of the air conditioning season can help you enjoy a worry-free system all summer long so you don’t have to worry about your unit going out on you in the middle of the hottest day of the year (trust us, it happens all the time).

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