Welcome back! In our previous blog, we talked about the importance of buying the right A/C unit for your home. We discussed the factors that are taken into consideration when you’re needing air conditioning installation, as well as the consequences of having the wrong-sized unit, and how an oversized air conditioner is inefficient and expensive. But what happens when purchase an air conditioner that’s too small for your home?

When your air conditioner is too small, you will run into issues with efficiency and very high costs for operation. This is because a unit that is not sufficient for the amount of square footage in a building will continue to “catch up,” to warmer temperatures, but will not be successful. The result is an air conditioner that won’t shut off. Not only is this not energy efficient, but it will be costly to run the system, especially during the peak summer months.

The way you determine which size A/C unit you should install is a matter of equations. This equation accounts for the square footage of the home, multiplied by 25, and divided by 12,000. You then subtract .05 from the amount, and that tells you the size of the unit you need. If you have a 1500 square foot home, you would need a two-and-a-half ton unit.

This formula is accurate, but it’s also important to consider the region in which we live. For a home in Denver, this size of air conditioning unit would be sufficient. If you live in the same size home in Las Vegas, your home would need to be a three-ton unit to work efficiently.

Getting the right unit for your home is important for your finances, and for the environment. If you currently have the wrong-sized air conditioner in your home, please contact the professionals at our HVAC company, Premier Heating and Air, for air conditioning installation and any of our other HVAC services.

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