Look the weather was getting nicer. 70-degree days and sun. And then we had a blizzard with the passing of winter storm Selene. Schools were shut down, accidents were piling up on I-25 left and right and power went out for many people along the Front Range. You can’t help when the power goes out but you can avoid having your furnace bug out on you in the middle of a snowstorm. If you’ve been hearing odd sounds or are simply concerned about your furnace system, give us at Premier Heating and Air a call. Odd sounds, smells, and overall behavior are indicators of a potentially larger issue.

Winter isn’t over yet. We’re all looking forward to summer days and the joy of air conditioning but do not forget that your HVAC system needs some tender love and care. If you’ve been neglecting the filter, go change it out. If you think you’re ready to have your air conditioning tune-up to get ready for spring, have us take a peek at your furnace as well. Even if you just want to use a little caution to check for any preventative problems, give us a call. We want to make sure you aren’t left out in the cold.

More often than not something as simple as a dirty pilot light or a simple broken switch can be the culprit to you not getting hot air on cold nights. Be safe and plan ahead when it comes to your furnace during Denver’s second winter, instead of being left without heat at the most inopportune time.

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