The next Colorado summer is just around the corner which means it will be time to turn on your air conditioner soon (if you haven’t already!). The Premier Heating and Air team recommends getting your air conditioning system tuned up before you start using it to battle the summer sun. Our Denver air conditioning service can come out to your home and perform the necessary maintenance and repairs to your system to help it work hard all summer long.

We use a 21-point air conditioning tune-up system to make sure we check every bit of your system for issues. We go over your system and make sure that important parts are cleaned, repaired, replaced, and maintained as necessary. This does two things for our customers: first, it prevents minor issues in your system from becoming major issues later in the summer which could cause your air conditioning system to stop suddenly; secondly, it saves our customers money. When small issues with your air conditioner are taken care of quickly, it almost always lowers the costs of repairs down the road.

Make sure you are ready for the Colorado summer with our Premier Heating and Air tune-up service. You can give our team a call today at (720) 743-3779 or visit our website to purchase your tune-up online. We’ll make an appointment to come to your Denver-area home and use our thorough 21-point inspection system to make sure your system is ready for the heat. Don’t delay–those temperatures will be climbing a mile high before you know it!

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