We know you’re probably sick of hearing about how important a programmable thermostat is but they can truly save you money through the spring snowstorms and over the coming summer months. There are plenty of rumors about how programmable thermostats actually end up raising your energy bill and we’re here to explain why. Not to mention your fuzzy friends will appreciate the appropriate summer and winter temperatures that a programmable thermostat can provide.

Some articles you will see online mention that installing a programmable thermostat increased their heating or cooling bill. In many cases, this is because individuals haven’t really programmed them to change the temperatures according to their schedule whereas before they were manually changing the temperature based on their daily activities. Programming a thermostat to not use as much energy during the day when you are at work or to cool the house down at night when you don’t need it as warm are ways to benefit from a programmable thermostat. In a state like Colorado, it’s essential to program your thermostat at least twice a year during the late fall and late spring if you don’t have the option for two different setting options. Unsure how to set your thermostat? Contact your local HVAC and air conditioning specialists.

For warmer months with pets allow your house to heat up to 78 degrees for extended periods away from the home. Yes, it will take longer for your house to cool back down in the evening but set the A/C to kick on thirty minutes before you plan on returning home. Also, you don’t need to run fans during the day for your cats or dogs. They cool through their paws and through panting so leaving on fans for them is simply wasted energy. During the winter set your thermostat to 68 degrees when you’re gone. Always check to see what a veterinarian recommends, however, because different breeds and different ages of pets can affect what temperatures are best.

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