See those leaves on the ground? Feel that slight chill in the wind? These are all signs that this glorious fall weather we’ve been enjoying will soon give way to winter in the Denver area. For the team here at Premier Heating and Air, this is a very busy season as homes and businesses all over the Mile High City call our furnace service team to make repairs and perform maintenance tasks.

Although you might not have turned on your furnace yet this year, it’s imperative that you schedule furnace repair with Premier Heating and Air before the temperature really drops. Turning on your furnace without having a professional complete the following maintenance checklist could turn a small issue into a big problem that leaves your home without heat.

The Professional’s Winter Furnace Service Checklist

Here are just a few of the essential, seasonal maintenance tasks Premier Heating and Air will perform on your furnace to make sure it’s in tip-top shape and ready for the cold, Denver winter.

  1. Check A/C Pressure – Wait, we’re talking about turning on your furnace for heat, right? What’s air conditioning have to do with it?! Well, turning on your heat probably means you’re turning off your air conditioning system for the season, which means it’s time for system maintenance. When our experienced technicians inspect your A/C pressure, they’ll be able to identify leaks that may need to be repaired before it’s retired for the winter.
  2. Get It Cleaned – When you inhale, your lungs and nose hairs work together to keep airborne pollutants out of your body. (If they fail, you have a sneeze attack or coughing fit.) When your furnace system draws air into your home so that it can be heated, the filters, coils, and other HVAC components are what prevent dirt, allergens, and tiny bugs from getting into your home. If your nose is clogged, it’s really hard to breathe, and if the elements of your furnace system aren’t serviced properly, they can get clogged, which makes it really hard for the furnace to heat your home properly.
  3. Test Your Thermostat – We realize you don’t really think about your furnace system until you need it, i.e. until it gets cold enough to need it. But we highly recommend that you test your thermostat before the temperature drops. Simply turn the thermostat to heat mode and adjust the holding temperature to make sure the system starts up properly. If there’s a problem, it’s much easier and more comfortable to schedule furnace repair now!
  4. Inspect Your Carbon Monoxide Detector – Did you know that your furnace puts off carbon monoxide fumes? When your furnace is serviced well and burning efficiently, these emissions are very safe and pose no threat. When your furnace is lacking service and not burning efficiently, these fumes can be deadly.

Contact Premier Heating and Air for furnace maintenance and repairs so that these kinds of problems can be avoided before they ever put your family at risk! Call today.

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