You get home after a long day at work or from an afternoon at the park. It’s summer and you’re excited to walk into a nice cool home. You step inside and are not greeted by chilly, refreshing air but by air that’s barely cooler than the outside temperature. You could have sworn you had turned the A/C on. Try these three troubleshooting tips before calling Premier Heating and Air to come and check out your system. Occasionally, you can fix your A/C simply and quickly. Other times, you need to call in the professionals.

Check the Thermostat

This may sound like a no-brainer but with more complicated thermostats, you never know what button might have been pressed. Check the fan setting and make sure that your system is set to auto-cool. Also, check to make sure the temperature is set to at least 5 degrees lower than the outside temperature.

Clean the Unit

If everything looks good with the thermostat, head outside. Take a look at your A/C unit. Is it clear of obstructions and grime? If not take the time to trim back any foliage that might be impeding the unit space and give the unit a good spray down with the hose. Is the fan making funny sounds? The funny sounds definitely need the help of a professional.

Check the Air Filter

The last simple check is with the air filter. If you’re getting air through your system but it feels weak or warm, locate your air furnace filter register. Pull the filter out and take a look. If it looks dirty or like it could be obstructing air flow, it could definitely use a change. Filters need to be changed out once every three months at the minimum.

If none of these tips work, call your local air conditioning servicer. We at Premier Heating and Air would be happy to be your service of choice in the Denver area.

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