We’ve all heard that turning your air conditioning off during the day or closing registers in unused parts of your home can save energy and money. But are these true? Trust the experts at Premier Heating and Air to explain the three most common air conditioning services and use myths for you.

Myth: By closing air registers in rooms, you are not using, you will reduce your cooling bill and cool the rooms you are using faster.

False. This may be an effective practice for one or two unused small spaces however, by closing off air conditioning registers the HVAC system becomes unbalanced. An air conditioning unit and HVAC system already cool the air that is being pushed into the ducts. You are simply not allowing that into the room, therefore it goes unused even though the cool air has been processed. Try a zone cooling system that is designed for cooling rooms separately if this is something you need.

Myth: Leaving a fan on in a room will cool the room when you are not present.

False. The main way a fan works is through forced convection. This is where the air moving across a person’s skin creates a temperature gradient, creating the feeling of cooler air. Leaving a fan on when not present will continue to circulate air but not change the air temperature or gradient. To save energy, turn a room fan off when no one is present.

Myth: Buying energy-efficient units automatically saves you money.

False. Energy-efficient units are excellent choices and can save energy and money. However, the unit must be the correct size for the space it is cooling and be installed properly. Oversized units or poor installation can result in an energy drain that costs more money than expected. Also, consider checking your ducts and other entryways for potential efficiency leaks in the system that can be corrected easily.

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