Honeywell Resideo UV Light


Ultra Violet Light For Cleaner Air

This UV Air Purifier with AirBRIGHT™ Odor Absorption is installed in the ductwork of your HVAC system to reduce airborne odors, toxic chemical vapors, germs and mold. The air cleaner’s UV light and activated carbon cells reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)

This air purifier system works with ultraviolet rays and carbon cells to capture odor-causing airborne particles and transform them into water vapor. The snap-in lamp is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free. The lamp is always on to clean the air, and is replaced annually.

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  • Eliminates up to 99 percent of mold spores on air conditioning coils
  • Increases efficiency and airflow
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • 25% Off
  • Includes Installation