March may seem a little early for considering air conditioning installation however, now is the perfect time to act. Winter months can provide easier access to scheduling for your installation and many times will have the best product rates. If that’s not enough to get you thinking about air conditioning installation, start thinking about those hot days when you could bake cookies in your car or burn your feet walking barefoot down to the local pool. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it then? Here are three reasons you should make the leap to air conditioning.

Comfort Control

Air conditioning gives homeowners the greatest range of comfort control. From having your furnace running in the winter to the air conditioning in the summer, you will never wake up at night again too hot and sweating from the lack of control. Even being able to set your air conditioning just a little bit lower than the outside ambient air can provide comfort while still remaining affordable.

Humidity Control

Summers can get muggy, especially with late afternoon thunderstorms. Air conditioning is unique in how it functions in order to cool and reduce the humidity of a home. You’ll never have your A/C stop functioning because it’s humid or raining outside. Air conditioning provides the greatest amount of control for the widest range of weather patterns and climates.

Cleaner Air

Are you someone who suffers from seasonal allergies? Keeping your home closed and still being comfortable is important. Air conditioning can provide a cleaner air quality as all air is filtered, removing in-home allergens, and is in a mostly contained system, making sure pollens and other seasonal allergens aren’t in excess in your home. Also, by keeping your windows shut you will reduce the ambient noise in your home from outside activity.

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